What makes African coffee so special?
Jun 12 2021 0 Comments Noe Ishaka

What makes African coffee so special?

Around the world, African coffee is known as one of the most distinctive coffee with unique flavors. Africa's volcanic mineral-rich soils, mountainous regions, high altitudes, and proximity to the equator are responsible for the original flavor.

African coffees have vivid floral, fruity, and berry tasting notes. It is characterized by the typical bright acidity and winey flavor profile. Africa is a region where the fruitiest coffees can be found and citrus, bergamot, berries, or jasmine are the common flavors.

Ethiopia and Kenya are the African countries that have established a coffee legacy that is celebrated all around the world with superior varieties such as Kenya AA or Ethiopian coffee. Other countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania or Burundi, also display unique flavors and get very high specialty of coffee.

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